To engage, equip, and empower academics and Christian leaders in all spheres of culture and society to serve Christ effectively.

Europe is the most secular, post-Christian, hardest-to-reach continent in the world. Even though cities across Europe are full of beautiful but empty cathedrals, most Europeans have never heard the Gospel. Sadly, many Europeans now view Christianity as not just outdated or irrelevant, but as an immoral and oppressive religion. This has led to what is called “Christophobia,” or hatred of the faith. It is understandable then that so many Christian academics, pastors, and ministry leaders in Europe are asking for help as they face these daunting challenges. They want to be equipped so they can serve God more effectively. This is why The Leadership Anvil is passionate about engaging, equipping, and empowering academics and leaders.

Goals of The Leadership Anvil
1. To gather academics, Christian leaders, and pastors for growth, fellowship, networking, and accountability.
2. To challenge Christians to address the crucial issues facing their culture from a Christian worldview, presenting the Lordship of Christ over all things in the public arena.
3. To impart to believers a hunger to know Christ more deeply and to serve Him with passion and excellence.
4. To spread the Gospel among the lost, particularly at universities and among business, professional, and political leaders.

Strategy of The Leadership Anvil
1. Speaking at universities, conferences, and churches.
2. Producing articles, books, and social media posts to equip leaders to effectively serve Christ and impact their world.
3. Establishing Academic Networks and Leadership Networks.
4. Mentoring academics, pastors, ministry leaders, and graduate students.

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Dr. Daryl McCarthy, Executive Director
Dr. Teri McCarthy, Education and Training Coordinator
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